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Pianist, composer and conductor, Lorenzo Turchi-Floris is an accomplished and multi-faceted artist, recognized on the international music scene. He is regularly invited to perform as a soloist or conductor by prestigious internationally renowned ensembles: Orchestre Symphonique de Sion (Switzerland), I Musici Estensi (Italy), Mission Symphony Orchestra (Italy), Mission Chamber Orchestra (Italy), Orchestre Symphonique National du Liban (Lebanon), St Laurent kammer Orchester (Germany), Delianuova Contemporanea Ensemble (Italy), Sarajevo National Orchestra (Bosnia Herzegovina), Mt-Blanc Chamber Orchestra (France), Orquestra Kaposoka (Angola), Mumbles Symphony Orchestra (England), Symphony of the Americas (USA - Florida) Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo (Italy), Orchestra of RTV Albania (Albania), Filarmonica di Torino (Italy) and many others.

« Musician with immense impetus, he is not afraid to immerse himself completely in what he is interpreting … »

He has a strong experience as an orchestra conductor, by being since 1998 the musical director of the Mont Blanc Choir and Symphony Orchestra (France), and since 2008, the artistic director of the Musicfor international. These experiences will lead him to perform in many festivals in Europe but also in Africa and America. Among others: Plovdiv the European Capital of Culture 2019 (Bulgaria), Summerfest 2018 (Florida-Panama), 43° Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte (2018 – Montepulciano, Italy), 9° Festival International de Versoix (2017 - Switzerland), Summerfest 2017  (Florida-Panama), Summerfest 2016  (Florida-Panama), Constantine Capitale de la Culture Arabe (2015 - Algeria), Summerfest 2014  (Italy-Florida-Panama), 6° Festival International de Versoix (2014 - Switzerland), Summerfest 2013 (Italy-Florida-Panama), Alba Music Festival (2013 - Italy), Summerfest 2012 (Italy-Florida-Panama), 3° Festival International de Versoix (2011 - Switzerland), Summerfest 2010 (Italy-Florida-Panama-Brazil), 3° Festival du Baroque (2010 – Cordon, France), 12° Festival du Baroque (2009 – Cordon, France), Festival Thessaloniki (2002 - Greece), 2° Festival International de Musique Classique (1996 – Nice, France), 8° Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte (1983 – Montepulciano, Italy), 7° Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte (1982 - Montepulciano Italy).

A talented pianist, he has won many prizes in several national and international music competitions, such as Pineto National Competition (1994 - Italy), Tortona International Competition (1994 - Italy), Detroit International Competition (1993 - USA), Rome AIDI Competition (1992 - Italy), Gargano National Competition (1991 - Italy), Matera National Competition (1991 - Italy), Ciampino National Competition (1988 – Italy). He began an intense career as a solo musician, who later expanded with his conductor and composer activities around the world. His performances and compositions have been a great success in their performances and concerts. He began from then an intense career as a concert player, later expanding as a conductor and composer throughout the whole world. He has written music for films and ballets, recorded in many countries as a pianist, composer and conductor: Generason (France), SMB (France), Rendre Présent (France), SOTA (USA) and Brilliant Classics (Netherlands) and some of his concerts were broadcast by Radio-Miami, Radio Pays du Mont-Blanc, Europe Radio Espace 2, Radio Sermoz, Télé-Lumière, Tele8 Mt-Blanc, Rai 3 et France 3. His compositions, in a unique and deeply musical style, are regularly performed in Europe and America, arousing great interest from critics, but also from the public.

Lorenzo Turchi-Floris is a complete musician, mastering a vast repertoire, and offering programs ranging from the Baroque era to the music of the 21st century. Among his most outstanding concerts is the inauguration of an important series of concerts for the Holy Year of 2000 at the Vatican. He has also given recitals for the Chamber of Deputies (Rome - Italy), but also held numerous conferences including the one at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA-2012) and seminars, such as the one at the Italian Diplomatic Institute (MAE-2013).​ Moreover, selected as "Composer in residence" at the US festival SOTA in 2010, and from 2012 to 2019, the Congress of the United States of America recognizes him musical and artistic merits.

Concerning his musical training years, he graduated in piano, composition and orchestra conductor at the Conservatorio di Musica di Torino (Italy). He studied piano in Rome (Italy) with Debora Varesco and furthered his studies in Russia at the Rachmaninov Musical Institute with Viktor K. Merzhanov. Spotted as a unique talent, two scholarships enabled him to go deeper into pianistic technique at the Lausanne CIEM-MOZART (Switzerland) with Fausto Zadra.  He has received valuable coaching from Gyorgy Sandor, Franco Scala and Paolo Bordoni.  In 2000, with Dominique Weber as tutor, he won first prize in Piano Virtuosity with distinction at the Conservatoire de Musique de Sion (Switzerland). He is also enriched by studying the composition with David Graham and Hans Werner Henze, who will encourage him to continue the musical studies. Eager to have a global vision of the music, he studied conducting, counterpoint, instrumentation and analysis at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève (Switzerland). At the same time, he participated to the conducting classes given by Roberto Benzi and Ernst Shelle.

Besides his personal musical career, wanting to expand access to music for everyone, he immerses himself in the humanitarian sphere, thanks to the organization Musicfor. In 2017, he will receive by the UNICEF the "Baton for Peace", symbol of his humanitarian commitment. Through Musicfor he devotes much of his musical activity to the development and the support in the most disadvantaged areas in the world (Mozambique, Haiti, Angola, Ivory Coast and South Africa), planning music schools and youth orchestras. Thousands of children have thus the opportunity to approach music and broaden their perception, and their perspective on life. He is also passionately dedicated to teaching music, and his great pedagogy and devotion made his pupils win international music competitions.

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